Inner Wisdom


Light. The wisdom of pure Source Energy flowing through me can’t be described. It was truly an exhilarating experience because so many affirmations were flowing in.

I am a pure being of Light.
The Light that flows through me allows me to reach others.
My inner wisdom and guidance is always available to me.
I make decisions from a place of wisdom.
I make decisions that are in perfect alignment with my soul mission. 

My personality serves my soul purpose in every relationship I encounter.

When a response feels like love, I know it is the best one. 

The Universe always brings into my physical awareness what I am ready for. 

My Light permeates through to my audience. 

My influence to humanity mirrors the radiance of my light. 

I am ready to ascend to the next level of loving karmic agreements.

My spiritual partner is guided by his Highest Self and heart space.

My awakening mirrors my relationships. 

I call in the parts of myself that are wise, loving, and nurturing to guide me through this Earth experience.

Insight is always available to me. 

I can trust the answers within because my inner voice is one of empowerment and wisdom.